How To Steal Some Of The Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes

From Paris Hilton to Heidi Klum, there has been some serious spooky Halloween costumes displayed over the past decade. This is one of the only times of the year to pull out all the crazy and absurd outfits made to either scare or share some insane style inspiration. We’ve seen it all from going in more of a glam direction with Grecian goddesses to ghoulish ghosts. Here are a few crazy costumes to influence your Halloween 2019 look.


Mariah Carey: Sexy Red Devil

Mariah Carey isn’t afraid to play a little dirty. The pop diva brought the heat in 2016 wearing a red latex dress with a fitted corset and platform black heels.


Cardi B: Cruella De Vil

Cardi B gave her dramatic take of Cruella De Vil in 2019 at the House of Yes Halloween Event, following her engagement news. She embraced her inner evil side with a dramatic black and white fur coat, a lavish velvet jumpsuit, and lavish red gloves. Although, her best accessory to the event was an iconic Dalmatian pup that overall helped shut down the costume game that night.


Nicole Scherzinger: Glistening Cleopatra

Nicole Scherzinger went in a more glamorous direction with her Halloween outfit in 2017. She was a golden goddess herself dressed as Cleopatra. Her ornate dress was complimented by dramatic eye makeup and strappy black sandals.


Gigi Hadid: Sandy From Grease

Pulling some inspiration from one of the most iconic transformation looks in film history, Gigi Hadid dressed up sexy Sandy from the movie ‘Grease’. From her retro black leather biker jacket to shiny form-fitting pants, the super model pulled off the look effortlessly.


Kim Kardashian: Spooky Skeleton

Sometimes keeping to the traditional Halloween characters can be the best decision. Kim Kardashian perfected the eerie skeleton look in a figure flaunting black bodysuit, painted with realistic human bone features. Her white out makeup with colored eye contacts polished off this style.


Heidi Klum: Beautiful Butterfly

Supermodel, Heidi Klum, transformed into a whimsical butterfly for Halloween back in 2014. Every year her outfits get more and more elaborate, even to the point of being unrecognizable. This colorful costume definitely turned heads as she celebrated the night away.

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